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“We recently had a company party at Pauper’s and had a great experience.We were situated at the back portion of the second floor, which is closed off from the general public. The room fit our party of 50 perfectly.We placed our food order upon arrival, and the food promptly came out in 15 minutes, which was the exact time that the server let us know it would take. Pauper’s options for food was perfect for our needs, and the finger food was all definitely up to par.All in all, a great experience on all fronts. Will definitely consider Pauper’s for our next function!”

“This pub has the best roof top patio in the city. There is good service and pricing is very fair. The food choices is typical pub grub but done very well. Definitely a favourite spot of mine.”

“I came in here the other day with my kids for lunch because it looked nice enough and there were booths which makes things easier when dealing with rambunctious children that like to move around all over the place. ÂI was pleasantly surprised with the menu selection and the quickness of the service. ÂI had the squash salad, which is very different from my regular pub fare, and my kids had chicken wings and a grilled cheese sandwich (good call on having that on the menu!).What I liked about it was that it was served to us right away – and that it was offered free with the purchase of a regular meal. ÂAlso that it came with dessert! The atmosphere was quiet and not rammed with people so we were able to have a nice leisurely afternoon meal without being pressured to leave right away.The only thing that was a little concerning were the steepness of the stairs going down to the washroom. ÂI hope to come back soon when we roll through town again.”

“I’ve come to Paupers a few times – and every time I have the best experience. ÂI sometimes come with friends to the open mic nights and rock out and dance like a rockstar to music from all genres. ÂI’ve come here on a first date once – and that was a great experience as well…. Sometimes I come alone and just sit at the main bar on the first floor, and enjoy a pint to myself and chew the fat with sitting neighbours (that’s VERY entertaining sometimes) or the lovely bartender who knows her shit about anything and everything. ÂEveryone is very friendly – and it kind of makes me understand what was so attractive about “Cheers” — where everybody knows your name… … :)I have never had a bad experience at Paupers — and I think that the staff are upbeat and friendly – They are attentive, chill and are on point most of the time. ÂI highly recommend Paupers for all types of events, and outings for its versatility, delicious chipotle mayo, and a guaranteed great time every night. — It’s hard to find a place that can encompass all of those things under one roof – but Paupers nailed it!”

“Love this place! Great rooftop patio in the summer and service is never slow. Similar decor as the Madison but it’s a lot more intimate and less frat friendly.The mixed drinks are well priced and you can actually taste the booze in them which is a nice change.Half priced wings on Wednesday is a steal of a deal. 2 pounds of wings with fries for $8.50. You pay more for a box of frozen wings in the grocery store. They’re decent sized wings with a good amount of meat on them and just the right amount of sauce. The Sexi Mexi burger is the best. Can’t go wrong with guac and jalapenos on a burger. Definitely one of my favourite pubs in the city :)”

“Paupers is a solid three stars. The patio would tempt me to go four, but sadly Toronto winters don’t allow for such luxuries. What’s to love?The long draught list, and the large venue. No fear of a lineup or drinking Coors Light (unless that’s what you’re in to).What’s not to love?The food is mediocre. The nachos are decent though – even delicious! Especially accompanied with friends and a cold pint. Stay thirsty my friends.”


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