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TESSA is the brainchild of Tessa Gooden – Canadian born, with a fiery rich Argentinian/Jamaican/Italian blood and Czech Republic born, Petr Balaz.

They met on a cold January night at a fundraiser for MusiCounts, where Petr heard Tessa sing for the first time. An artistic relationship sparked instantly, and while they fought their passion for each other because they were both committed, they channeled all of this energy into making music together and fueling the creative passion they were permitted to explore.

Finally, when the thought of not being together in every way was no longer an option, Tessa and Petr gave in and merged their worlds together for good in art and in love. Since then, they have toured internationally, sharing original music across Canada, Europe and the US. They have co-produced an EP, achieved film/tv/commercial synch with their original music, written songs for other artists and even created music for film as a team. Only fate could bring these two together in life, love and art and together they create and personify soul-pumping beats, sultry style, buttery vocals and addictive hooks.